Valentine’s Day Martinis Are Perfect Preludes…Year ‘Round

Recipes! Video and Outrageous Cocktails with Chocolate, Cherries and Berries and a Little Fluff

Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to pour it on with love, chocolate and maybe even a ‘Bobby Valentine’ MartiniLarry ‘Smokey’ Genta, of is behind the bar at The Firepit City Grill in Fort Myers, Florida and has designed a new beverage program just in time for Valentine’s Day.  In this video he demonstrates three great drink ideas  that will be sure to make for a evening of celebration and romance.

Below are the recipes for all three Martinis including a chocolate Martini variation called Chocolate Foreplay‘ and Smokey brings a jar of Strawberry Fluff to make a Strawberry Meringue Pie Martini in just a few easy steps.


The Firepit City Grill is at Gulf Coast Town Center is a favorite dining, shopping and party destination in Fort Myers, Florida which is also the Spring Training home of both the Minnesota Twins and Boston Red Sox and to celebrate the arrival of new Red Sox Manager Bobby Valentine…Smokey mixes up a cherry jubilee of a cocktail called the ‘Bobby Valentine’ Martini.

Recipes include ingredients used in the video and both  proprietary suggestions and generic substitutions. Cocktail design by and available anytime at The Firepit City Grill 10045 Gulf Center Drive E110, Fort Myers, FL 33913

Chocolate Foreplay

2 oz Chocolate Vodka (Godiva)
¾  oz Butterscotch Schnapps (DeKuyper)
¾ oz Cream Liqueur (Dooley’s Toffee Cream)
Chocolate Swirled and Shaved Chocolate Rim

Prep Glass with chocolate syrup swirl and shaved chocolate rim. Up: Ice Shaker and add pour of Chocolate Vodka, lesser amount pour of Butterscotch Schnapps and   (Dooley’s) Irish Cream. Shake. Strain to Martini glass

Strawberry Meringue Pie

¾ oz Whipped Vodka
¾ oz Strawberry Vodka
¾ oz Strawberry Syrup (DeKuyper Pucker or Liqueur)
¾ Strawberry Queam (Half & Half)
Strawberry Fluff

Prep Glass with Strawberry Fluff on rim. Up: Ice Shaker and add equal parts Whipped Vodka, Strawberry Vodka, Strawberry Syrup and Queam Strawberry Cream. Shake. Strain to Martini glass

Bobby Valentine Martini

1¼  oz. Smirnoff Vanilla Vodka
1¼ oz. Smirnoff Cherry Vodka
½ oz  DeKuyper Cherry Pucker
Splash Kern’s  Pear Juice

Up: Ice Shaker and add equal Vanilla Vodka, Cherry Vodka and  ½ oz DeKuyper Cherry Pucker. Splash Kern’s Pear juice .Shake. Strain to Martini glass

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