Top 5 Tequila Cocktails of 2012! Mixing it up with Azuñia

It doesn’t have to be ‘National Tequila Day’ to Enjoy 100% Certified Organic Super-Premium Azuñia Tequila!

Critics are raving about Azuñia Platinum Tequila as well as the Azuñia Reposado and the Azuñia Anejo, and here’s the perfect opportunity to see why bartenders and chefs alike are discovering and enjoying Azunia over some of the more nationally promoted mega-brands.

Top 5 Tequila Cocktails of 2012


The REAL Skinny (Organic) Margarita

Skinny Margaritas are the rage…but no need to buy the bottle…it’s easier…and better to let Bethenny Frankel pick out new shoes and make this Organic and Skinny Margarita!

1 ½ ounces of Azuñia Platinum Tequila
½ ounce of Azuñia Pure Agave Nectar
Fill with Fresh Lime Juice or RIPE Bar Juice
Salt Rim (optional)
Lime wedge

Paloma Cocktail

In Mexico it’s the refreshing Paloma Cocktail that is the favorite way to mix it up and pour it on! We prefer fresh Indian River Grapefruit Juice…but mixing it with Squirt® or Fresca® works great too

1 ½ ounces of Azuñia ReposadoTequila
Fresh Squeezed Indian River Ruby Red Grapefruit Juice
Top with Club Soda
Lime Garnish
Half-Rimmed glass with Salt

Bloody Maria

The absolute upgrade to your same ole Bloody Mary uses Azuñia Platinum Tequila. We’ll rim the glass…and for consistency we like Zing Zang

1 ½ ounces of Azuñia Platinum Tequila
Zing Zang Bloody Mary Mix
Rim the Glass with Kosher Salt (add Blackening Seasoning to taste to the salt)
Garnishes: Filthy Pepper Olive,, Strip of Bacon, Stalk of Celery, Fresh Lemon or Lime Wedge


Brave Bull

2 ounces of Azuñia Anejo Tequila
¾ ounce Kahlua


The Red Rooster

Try one…it’ll will replace your Vodka…you heard it here!

1 ½ ounces of Azuñia Platinum Tequila
Splash Red Bull
Splash Ocean Spray Cranberry Juice

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