Three Olives DUDE Vodka is More Than Just Another Shooter Flavor

New DUDE is a  ‘Mountain Dew’ Vodka That Has Mixable Smooth Lemon-Lime Flavor

Three Olives  started the flavored bomb revolution back in 2005 with the emergence of Grape and Cherry Vodkas, but that was when the brand was  owned by White Rock Distillers.  In 2007 Proximo Spirits purchased Three Olives and since then they have developed new propritary flavors that all have had good launches with limited but often loyal sales.

Three Olives Dude Vodka

Proximo’s  first new vodka release was Rangtang, a tangerine and orange infusion with vibrant color and a distinctive citrus taste. Three Olives Bubble got immediate placements and found a niche and still sells as Bubble Bombs. and and Bubble was better but there really isn’t anything like them”, said one bartender. In 2010 Three Olives  reworked and intensified their existing grape vodka to create Purple and while delicious, most look for the original Three Olives grape vodka.

But now there is DUDE, a surprisingly delicious vodka that is mixable and definitely ‘bombable’. Certainly made with the soft drink Mountain Dew as a flavor target, DUDE has a hard to forget name, a hard to miss florescent color and a flavor that most will recognize.  It mixes well with an assortment of juices and certainly with a splash of soda and even ginger ale. Cranberry goes well as expected but Dude and Red Bull as a bomb or cocktail is delicious, familiar and fun. But to be uh, more specific, DUDE is certainly a tropical blend of lemon and lime that comes real close to the taste of a Mountain Dew with vodka… which at the same time…is a lot like a Vodka that tastes like you added some Mountain Dew.

Dude has been well received in  test markets and focus groups and it’s no secret that the marketing and target drinker is young, active and bartenders are finding ways to invite the new  DUDE to creative cocktail recipes.  Look for Three Olives DUDE to make a splash this summer in cocktails from Martinis to Tropical and frozen drinks.

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