Purity Bloodberry Fizz

Glass Type:
Collins glass

3 oz Blood orange-infused Purity Vodka
1 egg white
.25 oz blood orange juice
.25 oz simple syrup
2 oz blackberry soda

Mixing Directions:
Place 2 ounces blood orange zest into iSi Gourmet Whip canister with Purity Vodka.  Double charge & let sit for two minutes.  Rapidly release gas and allow to sit until bubbling subsides.  Strain out solids.  Add all ingredients except for soda to a shaker and shake hard, without ice, for 30 seconds.  Add ice and shake again until ice cold.  Double strain into an ice-cold highball glass and let sit until egg whites have dried.  While highball glass is settling, rinse both halves of shaker tins with blackberry soda, making sure to rinse all of the egg white residue. Let sit.  When egg whites have dried, pour blackberry soda from the rinsed tins into the highball glass until the egg whites crown over the top.  Using a bar spoon, scoop the foam from the tins onto the top of the drink, stacking it above the rim.  No garnish.

Cocktail submission by: ACE (allencooperenterprises.com)

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