Outrageous Cocktails from ‘Dunk City’ Florida are Tropical Fun Anytime

dunk City Vid thumb.BLUE EAGLE

2 ½ oz American Harvest(Vodka)
1/2 oz  Blue Curacao
TSP Tropics  Coco Cream
Splash Kern’s Pear Juice

Up or Rocks: Ice Shaker add Martini pour of American Harvest, splash Blue Curacao, add teaspoon of Tropics Coconut Cream, splash/add Kern’s Pear Juice strain and serve in up martini glass. Garnish with Green Cherry or Blueberries



1 ½  oz American Harvest (Vodka)
½ oz Melon Liqueur
Splash RIPE Agave Sour Mix
Splash Indian River Valencia OJ
Top w/ Sparkling Juice*
Garnish with Melon Balls

Tall on Rocks: Ice Pint Glass add AH Vodka, add Melon Liqueur splash RIPE Sour Mix and Indian River Orange Juice. SHAKE .  Then top with sparkling  juice or fruited soda ( Izze Blueberry)  STRAIN IT & MAKE IT A SHOOTER

239 Slamma Jamma

2 ½ oz  American Harvest (Vodka)
¾ TSP of Blueberry Jelly
(opt) Cranberry Juice
Splash RIPE Agave Sour Mix
Creamy peanut butter (for rim)
Crushed nuts (for rim)

Strained Up Shot or Martini: PREP: Rim glass with peanut butter and crushed nuts Ice Shaker add AH Vodka, ¾ TSP of Blueberry Jelly splash RIPE Sour MIX, (optional drop of Cranberry juice) SHAKE WELL, strain and serve in rocks/shot or UP for a PB & J Martini

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