Fireball Whiskey is Hot! Sazerac Sues to Protect Trademark

Popular Cinnamon Whiskey Files Suit to Protect Trademark

Flattery comes in strange ways, but imitation has legal  limits.

Fireball Sues Cinnamon Knock-Off

Sazerac Inc., the makers of Fireball Cinnamon Whiskey have filed a lawsuit against the makers of SinFire Cinnamon Whiskey pointing to violations of their trademarks on the product that  has become a ‘hot’ item in bars across America.

 Fireball Whiskey has quickly received the attention of consumers with a cinnamon spiced whiskey that they say ‘Taste’s Like Heaven but Burns Like Hell‘®, and it appears  Hood River DistillersSinFire,  is trying to mimic Fireball and it’s distinctive packaging in hopes of sales.

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