Eco-Friendly and All-American 360° Vodka Bursts with New Flavors

Quadruple Distilled and 5 times Filtered 360° Vodka adds Sorrento Lemon, Georgia Peach, Mandarin Orange, Madagascar Vanilla, Bing Cherry and Concord Grape Flavors.

There was a time that McCormick Distillers 360° Vodka was known for it’s Eco-Friendly packaging and Grolch-like enclosure, but when they entered the flavor market with 360° Double Chocolate and Cola it expanded their market reach but impressing bar staff and consumers around the country.  The confectionery delicious  Double Chocolate became the preferred Chocolate martini Vodka by many and the ‘Coke Bomb’ was born when 360° Cola met up with Red Bull or any Energy Drink.

But with the emergence of those flavors came consumers who not only loved the natural flavor but also liked the fact that their vodka…from the glass bottle to the labels and even the cardboard cases were being produced with a ‘green initiative’.  But in time for the holiday season McCormick Distillers and 360 has released six flavors that are sure to get some notice even in a market filled with many options at varied price points.  There are a rising number of retailers and consumers who have the same ‘green initiative’ as McCormick does and with the quality and flavor of their  360° Sorrento Lemon, Bing Cherry, Concord Grape, Georgia Peach, Madagascar Vanilla and Mandarin Orange Vodkas, expect to see more of their signature ‘swing-top’ enclosure that can be sent back to McCormick and 360 for recycling.

Now this company isn’t  ‘new-age’  company with gimmick marketing intentions they are the  oldest continuously operating distillery in the U.S.    Located in historic Weston, Missouri McCormick is stronger than ever with an exciting new mix of innovative products, exceptional quality and remarkable value. It’s an unrivaled combination –– based on nearly 150 years of experience and an ongoing commitment to the future.  360° Vodka is distributed locally by Premier Beverage Company.

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