The trailer for the Absolut Lemon-Drop® advertising campaign sets the stage for the action. “When her beloved kittens are mysteriously taken from her, this sweet girl next door will turn sour doing whatever it takes to track them down”. Absolut Vodka® has the Beverage Industry and the real Ad Men…Mad Men taking a shot, and pouring them too…and so far, both shots look and taste good from both sides of the bar. The full length film was directed by Traktor and first appeared on Facebook through Youtube but is was posted across the world beginning September 7 and can be found at www.BeverageUnderground.com

Lemon-Drop, the film, stars the comedic and sexy Ali Larter from the big screen who we saw in ‘Final Destination’ and ‘Legally Blonde’, but who may best be known in the recently canceled but critically acclaimed science NBC fiction drama Heroes,  The Absolut Lemon-Drop trailer which has the leggy Larter as a crime stopping beehived heroine wrapped in yellow latex who is out to prove that ‘Sweet Never Hurt So Good’.  The trailer as well as the ‘movie’ also stars Martin Kove as Johnny Thunderbird, who will be recognized from ‘The Karate Kid’ and ‘Rambo: First Blood Part II’.

The trailer is getting great interest and the movie is kitschy-cool and could be considered a second generation spoof of Quentin Tarantino‘s Kill Bill movies, but also is a fun and entertaining homage to Russ Meyer‘s campy, 70’s B-Movies ‘sexploitation films’  like ‘Supervixens’ and “Beyond the Valley of the Dolls’.

Lemon-Drop and Johnny Thunderbird may be the hottest costumes for Halloween this season, but no matter what, expect to see more sugar-rimmed shot glasses with chilled Absolut Citron making their way from the shaker cups to the bars both as a memory for those that remember the most popular bar shots of the 80’s & 90’s,  as well as a new but nostalgic shot of the ‘Lemon Drop Bomb’ a variation that is splashed with energy drink for added zing.

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