2009 Grey Goose Cocktail Compeition

Second Annual
H.I.P. & ‘In the Biz’ Pre-Season Party of the Year
Hospitality Industry Professionals


Monday January 12, 2009


Deadline Saturday January 10, 2009

The 2009 Year of the Goose Celebration and Grey Goose Cocktail Competition will be back, bigger and better than ever. Blu Sushi and Gulf Coast Town Center will host this event that is a pre-season celebration for SW Florida Hospitality Industry Professionals. The H.I.P. & In the Biz Party is held annually on a Monday, this year January 12, so that more industry professionals can make this great party. This year the entertainment will be outstanding all night long…as the party starts at 7 PM with the most entertaining party band in the land, The Geek Sqwad. But the party will kick hard and late as BluSushi celebrates ‘BIGG 4 JOHN’ which is the 4th Anniversary of DJ John Scott as Blu’s top spin.

The Year of the Goose Celebration is open to everyone, but those hospitality professionals that have an invitation will be banded to receive their first Grey Goose Cocktail free…and discounts all night long. Invites for the party can be obtained from Premier Beverage sales associates, or by visiting any Crush Magazine member advertisers. Visit www.BluSushi.com for latest party details.

2009 Grey Goose Cocktail Competition will also return, and this year bartenders can win great prizes for creating recipes in four categories. Outrageous Cocktails will collect recipes using classic Grey Goose 80 proof, Grey Goose L’Orange, Grey Goose LeCitroen or the delicious Grey Goose LaPoire.

The contest will be open to all bartenders, servers, chefs and any “Hospitality Industry Professional” or person that could be considered “In the Biz”. Cocktail names and recipes initially will be viewed, (but not built) and evaluated by an independent and anonymous panel of judges that will narrow the field for the next panel of independent judges. The ease and functionality of making the cocktail in a working bar situation will also considered. In past competitions judges prefer cocktails that don’t take 10 minutes to make and have products that can’t be found from typical sources.

Grand prizes will be awarded in four categories, and you can enter four times (once in each category).



How it works:

    There are three ways to enter “The 2009 Grey Goose Cocktail Competition”
  1. Online @ www.OutrageousCocktails.com (all entries qualify for registration prize)
  2. Submit recipe in an email direct to Goose2009@OutrageousCocktails.com
  3. Submit entry form information and recipes to a Premier Beverage Representative


    Complete all registration information including contact name, address, email, phone and place of employment. Entries will be accepted for non-working Hospitality Industry Professionals.
  1. You must be 21 to enter.
  2. Online entries must be received by 6 PM Saturday January 10, 2009. This is an online contest, and most will register on this site. Registration information and cocktail recipes can be submitted by direct email, or for employees of on-premise accounts complete information can be submitted through their Premier Beverage Representative. Premier Representatives will not be responsible to pick-up or to facilitate your entry, rather it is offered as a courtesy. And those entries must be received by 5 PM Thursday January 8 , 2009.
  3. All Grey Goose and Premier Beverage Accounts of Southwest Florida are encouraged to have their bar staffs enter, and all accounts are eligible including the host account. Premier Beverage or Grey Goose Representatives are not eligible to enter the 2009 Grey Goose Cocktail Competition.


  1. Select the Grey Goose Flavor or classic 80 proof to be used in your cocktail. Entrants can register up to three (4) recipes total, but only one for each Goose flavor. This gives entrants four chances to win, but entrants can only win one grand prize. However, it is possible to win a grand prize in one flavor category and to be a runner-up or honorable mention in another. Entries must contain Grey Goose 80 proof, Grey Goose L’Orange, Grey Goose LeCitroen or Grey Goose LaPoire Each cocktail must have a name and the recipes must indicate the glassware.
  2. This contest celebrates creativity and your recipes can contain both spirited and non-alcoholic modifiers as well as varied garnish and presentation options, however your cocktail won’t necessary be made or viewed by judges. Judges will take into consideration the decorative and bar functional aspects of the cocktail. There are no other products that are required other than Grey Goose Vodka Flavors and no credit or consideration will be given for the addition or omission of any brand of modifier.


  1. 1. Every Cocktail Name and recipe will be registered by number and then will be randomly dispersed by email to an anonymous panel of judges within the beverage industry. That panel of judges will receive selections in each flavor category and select their favorites as finalists. The winner in each flavor category will be selected by that panel from the collection of finalist selections. Judges will not see the name or establishment entering the competition and will only see a name, number and your recipe. Grand Prize Winners will be notified by phone and email and winning cocktails will be announced and posted at the “2009 Year of the Goose” H.I.P. and In the Biz Party to be held Monday January 12th at BluSushi Gulf Coast Town Center from 7-9 PM. Prizes will be awarded that night, and will be available later for those unable to attend.
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